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What is a 3D interactive virtual tour?

InnSpace's interactive 3D tours can be seen as a digital guided tour, where each space is captured using high-end cameras and laser technology. More comprehensive than an animation or 360° tour, users can explore and interact with the space, including walking through it and taking action. An interactive tour is ideal for remotely experiencing a space, such as viewing a property, selecting a hotel room, or getting a feel for a restaurant and immediately viewing the menu.


InnSpace offers an all-in-one solution to turn your space into an interactive 3D model. Below is an overview of all the available features of the 3D technology.


Viewing your space from all perspectives.

Floor switcher

Selecting, viewing, and visiting each floor separately.

Floor plan

A realistic floor plan with a top view.


Accurately measure anything in your space - from room sizes to furniture.


Designated area where users can access additional information in the form of photos, videos, links, or explanations.


Highlight the desired locations to simplify navigation.

Easy 3D portfolio management

We offer the ability to manage your interactive 3D tour from a dashboard, a secure environment where you can store your virtual portfolio. You can keep your 3D model private, share it with a select group of users, or make it publicly available.

Our projects

The stories of our clients translated into an interactive virtual experience. Take a look at our projects and let yourself be guided through the spaces.

We also create Google Street View for businesses

Check out our Google Street View page and discover what a Google 360º tour can do for you. It's a great way to boost your “My Business” account. 

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