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Your showroom, apartment complex, or hospitality venue comes to life in our interactive 3D tours. Let visitors virtually walk around, gather information, gain insight, and make an appointment.

InnSpace created interactive virtual tours for:


3D Virtual Tours

Showcase your business, rental property, or hospitality venue with a 3D tour. During this interactive tour, visitors can explore your premises virtually, walking around, viewing the interior in 3D, and obtaining information - all through our virtual tours.

Matterport Pro 3 camera

Customer experience

A unique experience for your customers. During this virtual exploration, they can navigate effortlessly through the space(s), find information, and take action.

Innovative & interactive

A visually appealing online space thanks to Matterport 3D technology. Innovative, interactive, and future-proof.

Different perspectives

View your space from different perspectives or with a 3D floor plan.

Clear and precise

Customized A 3D tour tailored to your goal. Can be implemented in training, sales processes, and marketing activities.


Google Street View​

Replace traditional photos on Google Street View with a virtual tour. With the global visibility of your tour on Google Maps, you can generate more organic traffic to your website and gain the trust of new customers.

Innspace Google street view screenshoot

Higher ranking

Street View completes your Google business profile. Generating better visibility on Google leading to a higher ranking online.

Up to 40% more organic traffic

A complete Google business profile increases your visibility and attracts more relevant visitors to your website and location.

Interactive content for social media

Interactive content grabs attention! Use Street View for your social media channels and website and combine it with professional photos. All in one!

More effective advertising

Research has shown that advertisements with Street View implementation are twice as effective as those without.


Our impact

1 M
Spaces scanned

Experience the difference for yourself

See what the difference is between a 3D interactive tour and Google Street View.

Why InnSpace

Creative, solution-oriented, and innovative. Those are the core values of InnSpace. Our strong core team, supported by a dedicated team of freelance specialists, is flexible and committed to quality. We provide a customized 3D tour that is easy to use on all devices upon delivery. Upon request, we also support our interactive tours with creative content for social media and websites, such as panorama and 360-degree photos. That way, you have everything in one place!

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